The Western Literature Association & GRS Saunter

Thanks to the encouragement of Dr. Cheryll Glotfelty of the University of Nevada, Reno, I’ll be presenting a talk at next month’s Western Literature Association conference in Berkeley.  The talk will be about George R. Stewart, but he is not identified in title or abstract — I want to see how many know who he is.  It should be interesting to see the response.

Cheryll also encouraged a field trip to GRS sites in Berkeley, and Baiba Strads of the Bancroft Library agreed to help put that together.  We’ll “saunter” up to Earth Abides country, the area in the Berkeley Hills here Earth Abides largely takes place. Then to the University, and the Bancroft, to see some items from the George Rippey Stewart Papers.  We’ll finish with dinner at the Bernard Maybeck designed Arts and Crafts Faculty Club.

The small group will include members of the Stewart and Wilson families, Stewart fans and scholars, and university professors from Berkeley and Reno.  We’re all looking forward to this chance to meet and share our interest in George R. Stewart, in the places he wrote into legend.



1 thought on “The Western Literature Association & GRS Saunter

  1. Oh, to be in Berkeley and have another chance to stand on the flat sloping rock at Indian Rock Park, as I did during my GRS researches in the mid 1980’s, hosted by Mrs Stewart, Don Scott and Bob Lyon. At Indian Rock Park, close to “San Lupo Drive”, I was Isherwood Williams for a moment, and not Steve Williams, and Man had all but disappeared. That time has gone but memory abides!!

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