Acquiring The Life and Truth of George R. Stewart

Here’s a follow-up to the post about the sales numbers on the GRS biography, which are low:

A comment by regular weblog follower and colleague “Teepee 12” mentions that those on a small fixed income can’t afford 25 bucks for a Kindle version, let along 45 bucks for the hard copy.  She’s right – I can’t even afford to buy copies of my own book just now (and gave all my publisher’s copies to those who helped with the research and writing).  So here’s an idea for others not in the 1% who want to read the book:

McFarland, an excellent publisher, aims their books at libraries, and the price is not unreasonable for those fine organizations. Ask your library to buy a copy.   If they buy a copy, you can check it out and read it.  So can a lot of other people.

And thanks to “Teepee 12” for the inspiration.


1 thought on “Acquiring The Life and Truth of George R. Stewart

  1. That’s a great idea. And so ironic because our library — along with many other local libraries in the Blackstone Valley — is on the verge of closing for lack of funding. It’s a beautiful old building, the FIRST FREE PUBLIC LIBRARY IN MASSACHUSETTS. And we can’t find the money to keep it open enough hours to maintain it in the library system. I cannot tell you how much this pains me. Because I believe in libraries. If it weren’t for libraries, I would not be who I am nor would half the people I know have gone to college and become scholars, writers, artists, journalists, directors … We all started real learning at a local library and now, they are closing them down because the powers that be don’t think they are important.

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