The Hammer of Ish


The Hammer of Ish

Stewart Scholar Steve William’s fine painting of Stewart’s most important literary symbol. In an interesting side note, Steve went to the Liverpool Art Institute with Lennon and McCartney.

Click on the copyrighted image to go to Steve’s site.

Sally van Haitsma’s Big News


Sally van Haitsma's Big News

This was quite an unexpected Christmas present from Sally van Haitsma, my agent, and McFarland. McFarland designed a cover and title for the George R. Stewart biography and put it up on the web — but didn’t tell me.   Sally found the page, and told me it was up. It was a very exciting moment, and something else to thank Sally for. (And, of course, McFarland.)  Click on the photo of the cover to go to McFarland’s book page.

The book is also on Amazon.