Order from McFarland — Amazon is cancelling all preorders

For some strange reason Amazon is cancelling the pre-orders for The Life and Truth of George R. Stewart.  But there’s no need to order from  Amazon:  Since the price is the same when you buy from the publisher, and service is very fast, please order directly from McFarland.  Those who’ve already ordered from McFarland have their copies (including folks in England).  Best of all, you can call McFarland and talk with a real human being at the ordering desk.

Here’s the web address for the book:  http://www.mcfarlandpub.com/book-2.php?id=978-0-7864-6799-0

The Life and Truth of George R. Stewart is published

According to McFarland (I spoke with their marketing person today)
The Life and Truth of George R. Stewart: A Literary Biography of the Author of Earth Abides   is now shipping.

If you’ve ordered one, it should be on its way to you.


It’s been quite a ride.    Now to see if the book sells.

Publication is close-at-hand

The proofs for THE LIFE AND TRUTH OF GEORGE R. STEWART arrived last week.  I’m checking for errors, and preparing an index.  This work, my last on the book, will be finished within a week.  Then it’s all up to McFarland.

There’s a lot to do.  I’m also working up a list of suggested reviewers, checking publicity information for mistakes, letting friends of the book know what’s happening, revising pages on facebook and wordpress…and sometimes getting some sleep.

As soon as the final materials are sent to publisher, we will have a firm publication date.  At this writing, the working date is September 12.