Amazon is now carrying The Life and Truth of George R. Stewart

Amazon is now carrying the new biography of George R. Stewart: The Life and Truth of George R. Stewart. The price is the same as that of McFarland. I’d still recommend buying directly from McFarland, but for those of you who prefer Amazon, you may now use that source.



The GRS biography has arrived

The happy writer

After 8 years, 8 months, and 24 days of work, the book has arrived. It is the highest mountain I’ve ever climbed (or we’ve ever climbed, since so many folks have helped along the way). Here’s the photo, taken by our UPS delivery guy at the historic Walking Box Ranch.  Thanks to McFarland for doing such a fine job on the book.

It is being simultaneously published as an eBook by various e-publishers.  It will take up to 8 weeks to get that version into the various e-catalogs.

This is an expensive book, so I’d recommend that if you’re interested in reading it you suggest that your local library buy a copy.

Thanks again to everyone — and to George R. Stewart.


An update on publication

McFarland has just sent an email asking if I would “cut” some of the photos submitted for the publication.  Easily done, since many images “repeated” others.

This is a good sign that The Life and Truth of George R. Stewart:  A Literary Biography of the Author of Earth Abides is moving closer to publication.  The projected date was “spring/summer” of 2012, so we have at least until September 21st to meet that schedule.

Proofs will arrive soon.  After I do the index and review the proofs, publication should quickly follow.

Again, if you’re interested in buying this book — or the ebook which is to follow — please buy it directly from McFarland.  You can pre-order at this link: