Keite Davis Scott

The last month has been a sad time, as we said goodby to Keite Davis Scott.  She was the daughter-in-law of this author for a brief few months, but fell to an unexpected illness.

Keite was an actress and singer who performed in operas, plays, children’s theatre, and other similar venues.  She had a remarkable voice, and we expected her career to blossom.  But it was not to be.

Fortunately, we had her in our family for a brief time, and were enriched by her.  Her husband, Ken Scott, had found his soul mate, and we had found a perfect new member of the Scott family.

Keite was a great fan of Stewart’s Earth Abides, recommending it to others, including her father, Mike Davis, who calls it a timeless epic.

We were very sad to see her leave.  But through her organ donations  Keite is still with us:   Seven people live because of her donations.  Two blind children have been made to see. And nearly a hundred others were helped.

The dedication of the George R. Stewart biography now includes Keite.  So in this way, too, she lives, and will live as long as the book has readers.