If you’d like to read the book, don’t use Kindle, and don’t want to pay the price for the printed version, you can now order it for Android.  The price is the same as the Kindle price, $19 and change.

Here’s the link to the Android eBook:

Like the Kindle version, this version can also be read on a PC.


The Life and Truth of George R. Stewart in eBook — the good, and the not-so-good

The Life and Truth of George R. Stewart is now available as an eBook.   Here’s a link to one site, although I’m sure it’s also available on others:

That’s good news.  The not-so-good news is that the price is the same as it is for the paper version.  So for most of you, the regular version probably makes more sense.

However, the other good news is that you can now preview the first twenty pages of the book to see if you’d like to buy a copy.  Follow the link from the ebook page above to get to the preview.

McFarland does not expect to sell thousands of copies of the book, printed or e version, since their market is libraries and universities.  So they must charge a high price for the book.  On the other hand, this price is about a third that’s charged for the first biography of GRS, a fine work by Dr. Fred Waage.  So perhaps the next biography of GRS will be priced more reasonably.  Or, hopefully, the book will prove popular enough to find a trade publisher who might release it at a lower price.  Stay tuned.

But in the meantime, please take a look at the preview on the eBook page.