A nice review, and a price drop

A nice review of the biography was posted on Amazon by “Linda L.”  Since I don’t know her, the review is especially appreciated.

And Amazon is now discounting the book — it’s now $48 and change.  So if you’ve been waiting to buy it, this is the time.

I’ll be back with more about George R. Stewart — including some news about the Western Literature Association conference in Berkeley in October — as soon as the tendons in the wrist get healthier.



Amazon is now carrying The Life and Truth of George R. Stewart

Amazon is now carrying the new biography of George R. Stewart: The Life and Truth of George R. Stewart. The price is the same as that of McFarland. I’d still recommend buying directly from McFarland, but for those of you who prefer Amazon, you may now use that source.

Order from McFarland — Amazon is cancelling all preorders

For some strange reason Amazon is cancelling the pre-orders for The Life and Truth of George R. Stewart.  But there’s no need to order from  Amazon:  Since the price is the same when you buy from the publisher, and service is very fast, please order directly from McFarland.  Those who’ve already ordered from McFarland have their copies (including folks in England).  Best of all, you can call McFarland and talk with a real human being at the ordering desk.

Here’s the web address for the book:  http://www.mcfarlandpub.com/book-2.php?id=978-0-7864-6799-0

Amazon asks independent publishers like McFarland for huge discounts

McFarland, the well-regarded independent publisher who’s preparing the George R. Stewart biography for publication this summer, is under the Amazon gun.  Amazon is asking for a huge cut in the amount they pay McFarland for the book, which means that McFarland will be unable to use Amazon as a distributor.  This should not affect the publication of the biography but may hurt sales.

Here’s an article about the flap: