Prepare for a Celebration:


For years this weblog has been promising news about a possible film version of Earth Abides.  There may be more detailed news soon.  That’s all I can report now – but please stay tuned…. and prepare to celebrate.


The late Alan Ligda,  who gets the credit for keeping Earth Abides in print without a break for 74 years.  When Random House dropped the book his Hermes Press bought the publishing rights and produced a beautiful edition.  When that printing sold like hotcakes, Random House bought the rights back. 

Hermes Press edition:Hermes EA

1 thought on “Prepare for a Celebration:

  1. The PA genre is ever present. With two prominent PA (Last of Us and Fallout) video games set to take to screens as either movie or series, should see a boost in the genre. Granted both lean a little more fanciful or dip their toes in the sub-genre of zombies. Mix in a likely upset to the economy, which is always a helper and the timing would be right. Now would be the perfect time to go after the single greatest PA material of all time. The one that isn’t distracted by zombies. Or ‘evil warlords’ or finding cures or dystopian conflict. The one absolute tome that deals with the single most important driving and ever-present element of any apocalypse. The only one with the guts to take that on without having to create additional dramatic conflict beyond “where do we go from here?”. The purest of all PA content ever is due for a leap to a screen of some sort.

    I’d think a well done series would be terrific. Better than a movie. But I also think it would be disheartening as it would last maybe a season. Streamers don’t care how good a show is. They don’t even care if it can attract a specific and valuable audience (say, males 18-35, or women 35-50 or what have you). Even if they can get a critical mass of an easily marketable audience….they simply don’t care. If it doesn’t deliver new subscribers, they cancel it. That would be my greatest fear. So, maybe a movie is better. I dunno.

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