Something New: Christmas Photos from Stewart and Twain Country

Since this year has a George R. Stewart connection (see photo of Ed Stewart near the end of the page), I’m posting the 2020 annual Christmas photos on the weblog.  Family and friends will enjoy seeing these online.  And  I believe that many of you who are faithful followers of the weblog will enjoy seeing some of the place where the posts are composed. 

The area around Carson City, Nevada, sits at the boundary of two of Earth’s great landform provinces – the Sierra Nevada and the Basin and Range Country.  It’s also George R. Stewart country.  Many of his better-known works are set nearby, including Ordeal By Hunger, Fire, Storm, and Sheep Rock. US 40 and The California Trail have large sections about the Northern Nevada and Sierra Nevada regions.  Some of the country in these photos was likely seen by George R. Stewart himself.

It’s also Mark Twain country.  Sam Clemens adopted the pen name “Mark Twain” while he was living in Carson City.  Roughing It is set partly in the area.   The photos may help readers of Twain visualize this area and its people.

The photos begin with images from the Pandemic Era – a much gentler pandemic so far than the Earth Abides pandemic; following those are images from the Basin-and-Range/sagebrush country in spring and summer images of a park set in a small eastern extension of the Sierra Nevada.  The album ends with photos of hiking friends (the Rocks),  Ed Stewart, (GRS’s grandson and Keeper of the Legacy), Ranger Phil of the Bureau of Land Management at beautiful 8100 feet (2470 meters) high Burnside Lake, and the first winter’s snow. 

Let me know what you think.  If this seems to be of interest, I can post the end-of-year/Christmas photos here next year. 


20200426_121641“Sheep May Safely Graze”

The annual ‘mowing’ of the cheat grass by Borda Ranch sheep


A Pandemic Gift From Paul Schats Bakery 


Reminder on the trail


20200215_145358Path into spring

20200515_133616Spring impressions – new life  along the trail

Red-headed thrush's spring songsThe Harbinger Sings


Wild mare and coltWild Horses – mare and her colt

P1080845The Local Outback

P1080953Washoe Lake Gazebo

Pelicans, Washoe Lake, Slide MtnWhite Pelicans, Washoe Lake, Slide Mountain

Davis pondDavis Creek Regional Park Pond

Cheeky cu
 Cheeky Steller Jay at Davis Creek

Davis Creek - Chinook - Slide MtnThe Good Chinook William Clark at Davis Creek Regional Park

P1090048Rockin’ friends on the Discovery Trail, Davis Creek Regional Park

P1090127Smokey Sun in a year of fire (Stewart’s Fire is set not far from here)

Monarch of our GlenThe Monarch of Our Glen has passed.  Requiescant in Pace, old fellow. And thanks.

with child actors Hollywood at the St. Charles:  Director Melissa Joan Harte with child actors and camera crew, working on “Feliz Navi-Dad” for Lifetime TV. (Premiere 11-21)

P1090134Birthday Balloon 9-26-2020

ed - church of mark twainEdward Stewart at the “Church of Mark Twain”  (The Orion Clemens House, Carson City)


The Chinook at Burnside Lake

Panorama liightRanger Phil at Burnside Lake

P1090199Sierra stream in Autumn

P1090209Washoe Valley ranch

P1090226First Snow 2020 (Earliest snow in 100 years.)    (Carson City is the only State Capitol with a deer crossing – and the deer use it.)


2 thoughts on “Something New: Christmas Photos from Stewart and Twain Country

  1. The Carson City herd is pretty savvy – probably part human. When the stag was with his herd, it was a glorious site. My favorite memory is seeing he and the herd in a small glade between the Capitol building and the Nevada Supreme Court. Humans were walking within a few feet, no problem. He passed, but there’s already a new Monarch of the Glen.

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