Note to Facebook Followers

WordPress is a fine site and one I’ve used for years.  But now the site has decided to change the way we enter or edit posts.  Fortunately, we can still use the previous editor, which is much more intuitive than the new one; HOWEVER, when I published my first post in the classic editor the site warned that  I needed to log into FB to renew the link to that site.  Since I no longer use FB, except for re-publishing of my WP posts I do not intend to log in.  (We’ve learned much about FB’s theft of our data and many are leaving that site.)

My hope is that these WP pages will still go to that FB page.  If not, I apologize to those followers who are inconvenienced.  You can, of course, follow this WP site instead, here:

Again, sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

3 thoughts on “Note to Facebook Followers

  1. I’m in the EXACT same position. I’m thinking of moving to WIX (WIX.COM). I’ve got a really big following … and I don’t know if they will follow me or maybe i should just give up. I won’t use FB either because I’m one of the people they sold to Cambridge Analytica and it got me hacked, which wasn’t ANY fun at all. I can’t even bounce my stuff off FB anymore because for reasons I don’t understand, they’s blcked my blog, so I use Twitter which is fine and it doesn’t seem to have cost me any followers. I’m looking for ideas. This format is VERY hard fo me to use. To write, I lay down text and then add photographs. Often, I lay down the text and get it up to snuff and THEN I take th pictures. But they have made working like that almost impossible and that’s how I have ALWAYS worked. I’m 73 and I don’t think I could change my writing style even if I wanted to. They seem to feel that anyone who doesn’t write like they want you to work is too old to work on WordPress and I’m tired. Maybe it’s time to throw in the towel.

  2. Exactly, Marilyn. They’re making the JC Penney mistake – go from a base set of users who are down to Earth, stop selling good serviceable stuff, and make your site a new version of an upscale store like Macy’s. Then go bankrupt. My suggestion is that you let them know how you feel. As to changing weblogs – I’ll stay on WP until they become as arrogant as FB; then I’ll complain to my legislators. This is a good time to bring such changes to task – Suckerberg et al are on the hotseat.

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