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WordPress is a fine site and one I’ve used for years.  But now the site has decided to change the way we enter or edit posts.  Fortunately, we can still use the previous editor, which is much more intuitive than the new one; HOWEVER, when I published my first post in the classic editor the site warned that  I needed to log into FB to renew the link to that site.  Since I no longer use FB, except for re-publishing of my WP posts I do not intend to log in.  (We’ve learned much about FB’s theft of our data and many are leaving that site.)

My hope is that these WP pages will still go to that FB page.  If not, I apologize to those followers who are inconvenienced.  You can, of course, follow this WP site instead, here:

Again, sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

New Edition of EARTH ABIDES will be released on October 13th

The new “glorious” paperback edition of Earth Abides will be released in mid-October.  It can be pre-ordered now  through your local, friendly, independent bookseller via BOOKSHOP  or via Amazon.  

This new printing is from Mariner Books (A division of Houghton Mifflin).   It has, I think, the best cover for the book since the cover on the first edition in 1949:

91PMvVHUlgL._AC_UY218_ML3_Mariner Press Printing 2020

EA Morleys

Cover of the  First Edition, Random House, 1949

It also includes an Introduction by distinguished author Kim Stanley Robinson.   He offers a brief but focused biography of Stewart; then describes the novel in terms of its place in similar literature and in Stewart’s fine body of work.  He also makes the obvious and timely comparison between the events of Stewart’s novel and the current pandemic – a reminder that this is the best of times to read Stewart’s encouraging novel. 

Even if you already own a copy, this edition is worth buying for Robinson’s excellent Introduction. Or to read or re-read Stewart’s fine novel, to see how the amazing thinker and writer George R. Stewart imagined our time, 71 years ago, and wrote a novel to help us deal with it.