A Diamond/Platinum Celebration for EARTH ABIDES

EA Morleys


Earth Abides was published on October 7, 1949.   It has been suggested that there be a gathering to honor the 70th anniversary of that publication.

There have been two suggestions:

1. A gathering at Indian Rock Park followed by dinner at the UC Berkeley Faculty Club, like the one done a few years ago.

2.  Or the long overdue “dedication” of the George R. Stewart Interpretive Sign on old US 40 at Donner Summit.  (The signs are removed during  October so we’d need to check to make sure the sign is still in place.)


All other suggestions are welcomed.

October 7th, 2019 is a Monday, so the actual gathering would probably take place during the preceding weekend.

If you’re interested in such a gathering, or have any suggestions for how we might gather, please leave a comment.

This might be a good time to read or re-read James Sallis’s exceptional essay about Earth Abides. It’s still the best consideration of Stewart’s great classic.

Hermes EA

Cover of the edition published by Alan Ligda, which guaranteed unbroked publication for 70 years.

4 thoughts on “A Diamond/Platinum Celebration for EARTH ABIDES

  1. I would love to attend some sort of memorial of Earth Abides at Indian Rock. I discovered the novel when I was a teenager, and I now live within a block of Indian Rock, near where Stewart lived. I think the novel probably influenced my decision to buy a house in this area.

    • Thanks, Charles,

      So far, there’s been little local interest in such a gathering, but I plan to send out another inquiry. I’m guessing that since we did something at Indian Rock a few years ago, people feel that was sufficient. Stay tuned, though, and let’s see what happens. If all else fails, you can go to the Rock and take a photo of yourself with the book! If you do that, and want to send a copy to me, I’ll post it on the weblog.

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