An Update on the Biography Price

A brief update.

At this time, only McFarland is selling The Life and Truth of George R. Stewart at the new low price of $35.  Amazon should be lowering their price soon.

McFarland is wonderful to work with.  I’d recommend that if you want to buy the book, you buy it from them.

Once the other distributors lower their prices I’ll send word.

Cover of the McFarland Book

3 thoughts on “An Update on the Biography Price

  1. Don, a new book by Mark McLaughlin about the the ten biggest snow storms at Donner Summit contains a chapter about George Stewart and his novel Storm. His book is not yet listed on his website but he did a presentation of it in Reno last week. He said he has read several of Stewart’s books and just recently got around to Earth Abides. Here is his website:

    — Joe Livak

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