A Tribute to George R. Stewart in Printers Row Journal

The Printers Row Journal is the book section of the Chicago Tribune.  (Gratis ad follows: You can subscribe for $29 a year for the digital edition, which seems to include some free ebooks with the subscription. It does not include the entire Tribune.)

The Chicago Tribune is one of the great newspapers of the country – conservative, in the traditional sense of mid-twentieth century conservatism – but also filled with news and good investigative reporting.

The Printers Row Journal is one of the great book review sections of the US – not unlike the New York Times Book Review section.

Today, I received a request for a portrait of George R. Stewart, to be used in an article about him to be published in the Printers Row Journal, probably this weekend.   The article is described as a tribute to GRS, with descriptions of many of his works.  The journalist who wrote the article apparently presents him as one of the great men of his time.

There were two fine portraits in the files used for the GRS bio, and Anna Evenson, Keeper of the Anna Evenson/Stewart Family Photo Collection quickly gave her permission.  The portraits are now in the hands of the Chicago Tribune.

Needless to say, we’ll all be eager to see the article.  It will be sent  by pdf once published.  I’ll send a second report then.

Come what may, this is a great honor to GRS, and his work.  Who knows?  Maybe it’ll start a national resurgence of interest in George R. Stewart?


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