I highly recommend you read the recent comment about the Sheep Rock post.  The author, Joe Litvak (or perhaps Sue Litvak) is part of a small fellowship of the GRS biography, The Life and Truth of George R. Stewart, and it has inspired – taught – him (or her) to read more of GRS’s work, and to buy copies of EA for friends.  Since that was the purpose of the writing of the book, this is a wonderful gift.

Inspired by the Litvak comment, I decided to see which libraries now hold The Life and Truth of George R. Stewart.  The book is dedicated in part to Librarians, because I believe that they, like teachers, are the keepers of the light – which in a time that seems increasingly dedicated to ennightenment rather than enlightenment is a very critical work.

So which Librarians have chosen to add the book to their collections?

The University of Montana

San Francisco State U

Oklahoma State U (this was a surprise)

Nevada at Las Vegas

Nevada at Reno

Berkeley (of course)







The British Library.

The University of Strathclyde library in Glasgow.

And others.

How far this little work has gone!

Hopefully, there’ll be a copy on Mars or the Moon someday.

Thanks to the Litvaks, and all who’ve read the book.  And to Harvard, Yale, Oxford, Reno, Las Vegas, SF State, Princeton, Montana, Columbia, Berkeley, OSU … and to their wonderful Librarians; and to all the Libraries and Librarians who have added the book, wherever they may be.

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