News about George R. Stewart – and a new place to buy the GRS biography

“Changed Conditions Ahead”

As summer draws to a close, I’m in transition from a volunteer campground host position to wherever the road leads next. As things transition, George R. Stewart information is on the rise. Here’s some of the latest news:

Dr. Paul F. Starrs, Distinguished Professor of Geography at UNR, has submitted a review/essay about the biography to the national journal of geography reviews. Stewart has a following among geographers, so the article should be well-received. I had the chance to review it, and found it to be quite well-done.

Bill Cassady, who lives in the cabin that GRS used as a combination vacation retreat and “Scholar’s Roost,” has sent an email of interest to GRS scholars. His email included a copy of correspondence with Aldo Leopold’s granddaughter Sarah – Starker Leopold’s daughter – who is a personal friend of the Cassadys. Starker Leopold is highlighted in the GRS bio; he helped GRS in the research for SHEEP ROCK and other books. The information expands on the Leopold – Stewart friendships.

A local bookstore, Bigfoot Books, has become a place for weekly intellectual discussion and the discovery of good books, thanks to its owner, Steven. If you’re ever in the area, I highly recommend it.

Finally, a small independent bookstore, Zeisings, is actually selling the GRS books in a small but respectable quantity. If you want to buy, I’d urge you to consider buying through them. They offer free shipping. The price is list – a little higher than Amazon but not much – and for that small change I’d strongly recommend them.

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