O Pioneers! III

Here’s the last list of those kind pioneers who have liked the Facebook page, or are following this log.  If I’ve forgotten anyone, please let me know.


Richard Payne, cousin, has recently liked the GRS facebook page.  Richard, of the large Payne dynasty of Eagle Rock,  has had an interesting life — he went to work in his salad years for Pronto Markets, as a bag boy.  When 7-11 came into Southern California, the small convenience chain’s owner, Joe, called his entire workforce together.  “We can’t compete with 7-11.  We either need a new business model, or we’ll be out of business.”  A few weeks later, he called the group together again and told them he’d found that new model:  A supermarket for unemployed PhDs.  He would open a market that sold gourmet foods at budget prices.  He called it “Trader Joe’s.”   Richard is still there; when they need to turn a store around, they send Richard.  He is an artist in retail store design and operation.  His stores often win best in chain. 

Richard and I climbed Half Dome together; then I moved and he married Mila, from Brazil.  So he’s become quite the world traveler.  Thanks for the like, Cuz.


Sally van Haitsma, Literary Agent, has been critical to the success of The Life and Truth of George R. Stewart.  She helped greatly with the proposal, found a publisher, McFarland Press, and encouraged me to do this blog and the facebook page.  Sally has quite a stable of authors; and while I’m not Stephen King in terms of sales, Sally has been very supportive of the book, and the process of marketing it.  Although she is not accepting many clients just now, you might want to visit her page to see the books by her authors — and hopefully find one or two to buy. http://vanhaitsmaliterary.com/?page_id=46


Finally – the first person to like the page and follow this blog:  The Pilgrim.  Steve Williams has also led an interesting life.  He was raised in Liverpool, not far from Penny Lane and Strawberry Fields.  He attended the Liverpool Institute of Art with Lennon and McCartney.  Then married Carol, went into the business of selling high quality printer’s inks, and began raising a family.  Steve found GRS, and Earth Abides, decades ago and it changed his life.  He was so transformed by the book that he got on a plane for the first time in his life, flew across Canada and the US (“All that wilderness!” he exclaimed) to San Francisco, and spent a week researching Stewart and his world. 

When I visited England, to speak about Stewart at a conference, Steve, Carol and family kindly took me in, toured me around the area — including a trip to the Welsh Marches and their castles and the Lord Darby Arms Hotel restaurant for a fine dinner — and otherwise immeasurably enriched the trip. 

Since retirement, Steve has returned to his art.  His works are online at .  He is working on some interesting commissions, including one for Bletchley Park — http://www.bletchleypark.org.uk/— which he says he can’t talk  about. (Hmmm…) Steve still keeps in touch with the McCartneys, through Paul’s brother,  a friend of Steve’s.

This page is greatly indebted to Steve for his art, which graces the Head of the page.  Steve has also done several Earth Abides themed paintings.  I’d expect some of those will wind up in national art galleries some day. To see Steve in action, go here and watch the video.   http://www.saa.co.uk/art/stevewilliamsart  (His art can also be seen here.)

And  Earth Abides?  Steve has re-read it a few times — more than 200, he thinks. 


Several bloggers are following the Earth Abides/George R. Stewart weblog.  You may want to check out their websites.  They reflect a diversity of interest in the work of George R. Stewart: 

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