And the New Home for the Bob Lyon George R. Stewart Collection is…

Back of Beyond Books, in Moab, Utah. Here’s a link to this fine independent bookstore:

Owner Andy Nettel and his wife Marcee also have a rental house in Moab. To learn more about that or them, follow this link:

Andy Nettell had a career as a National Park Ranger in Canyonlands and Arches — a true follower of Ed Abbey. For a time, Andy even owned Abbey’s red Cadillac convertible: “>

There’s a double George R. Stewart connection here.   Stewart spent his boyhood in Indiana, Pennsylvania, where his grandfather helped found what is now Indiana University of Pennsylvania.  Ed Abbey was born in Indiana, and attended Indiana University for a time.

So it would seem that the stars have aligned, and the George R. Stewart has found a fine home.

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