Publication is close-at-hand

The proofs for THE LIFE AND TRUTH OF GEORGE R. STEWART arrived last week.  I’m checking for errors, and preparing an index.  This work, my last on the book, will be finished within a week.  Then it’s all up to McFarland.

There’s a lot to do.  I’m also working up a list of suggested reviewers, checking publicity information for mistakes, letting friends of the book know what’s happening, revising pages on facebook and wordpress…and sometimes getting some sleep.

As soon as the final materials are sent to publisher, we will have a firm publication date.  At this writing, the working date is September 12.



An update on publication

McFarland has just sent an email asking if I would “cut” some of the photos submitted for the publication.  Easily done, since many images “repeated” others.

This is a good sign that The Life and Truth of George R. Stewart:  A Literary Biography of the Author of Earth Abides is moving closer to publication.  The projected date was “spring/summer” of 2012, so we have at least until September 21st to meet that schedule.

Proofs will arrive soon.  After I do the index and review the proofs, publication should quickly follow.

Again, if you’re interested in buying this book — or the ebook which is to follow — please buy it directly from McFarland.  You can pre-order at this link: