Radio night with Stewart-inspired Phil Aaberg and friends

Inspired by cousin Michael Payne, I now dedicate Saturday as Radio night. It starts with Prairie Home Companion. Dessert is a listen to  OF THE WEST.

One of the best radio programs on the air — at least as much fun, as mind-stretching and as entertaining as PHC or any film I’ve seen recently — is award-winning composer/musician/Montanan Phil Aaberg’s Of the West. Beautifully produced by Phil and Patty Aaberg, it combines music, interviews, and stories of place.

Phil was profoundly influenced by George R. Stewart’s work, especially Earth Abides. He’s even composed a piece called Earth Abides, which is on his Christmas Album. So Of The West, it might be said, is another gift from George R. Stewart, at least in some small way.

Here’s a fine example of OF THE WEST: Phil’s interview with another Deep Montanan, Scott McMillion, author of Mark of the Grizzly.   Some great music, too, including Leroy Anderson’s Typewriter Song and Phil Aaberg’s lovely music from Deep Montana.

Give this a listen — especially those of you who write, or read, or like good music, or dream of Deep Montana.

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