To get your copy in a timely way buy the Stewart Biography directly from McFarland

Amazon is apparently telling those folks who pre-ordered The Life And Truth of George R. Stewart that delivery will be delayed.  To guarantee that those of you who are planning to buy the book get your copy in a timely manner, I’d suggest ordering directly from McFarland.  It’s the same price:

Thanks,  the author.

Amazon asks independent publishers like McFarland for huge discounts

McFarland, the well-regarded independent publisher who’s preparing the George R. Stewart biography for publication this summer, is under the Amazon gun.  Amazon is asking for a huge cut in the amount they pay McFarland for the book, which means that McFarland will be unable to use Amazon as a distributor.  This should not affect the publication of the biography but may hurt sales.

Here’s an article about the flap:


A new Facebook page about the Stewart biography

This link will take you to the new Facebook page which contains updates about the George R. Stewart biography.  If you’re a Facebook regular, you can find book updates and other news on the new pages.  Now you’ll have two ways to follow the progress of the book.

The Life and Truth of George R. Stewart:  A Literary Biography of the Author of Earth Abides is scheduled for publication in June or July of 2012.  It can be pre-ordered at Amazon.