Sally van Haitsma’s Big News


Sally van Haitsma's Big News

This was quite an unexpected Christmas present from Sally van Haitsma, my agent, and McFarland. McFarland designed a cover and title for the George R. Stewart biography and put it up on the web — but didn’t tell me.   Sally found the page, and told me it was up. It was a very exciting moment, and something else to thank Sally for. (And, of course, McFarland.)  Click on the photo of the cover to go to McFarland’s book page.

The book is also on Amazon.


Steve Williams' painting

This is English artist Stephen Williams’ painting which is used (thanks to Steve’s gracious courtesy) as the header for this log. The painting includes several of Stewart’s books, and the iconic Hammer of Ish from Earth Abides.

To see more of Steve’s work, click on this link:

Of Agents, and other books worth reading

Sally van Haitsma, of van Haitsma Literary, has been of great help in the publishing of The Life and Truth of George R. Stewart, and I want to thank her for all she’s done.  Sally has been an agent for years, and has some wonderful writers under her representation.  If you paste the following link into your address line, it’ll take you to the page which lists and describes the books she represents.  Several are on my to-read list.  I hope you find one you’d like to read.

Pioneering Friends of George R. Stewart

As the Year of the Book begins, I want to honor two people who set out years ago to honor the work of George R. Stewart. Vic Moitoret was a World War II Navy meteorologist who survived two carrier sinkings carrying a notebook of favorite books which included Stewart’s STORM. Near the end of the war he was sitting in the Honolulu airport when a friend introduced him to — George R. Stewart. After the war and retirement Moitoret and his wife retired to Silver City, New Mexico, set up a small fine art press, and began to write and print small belle lettres. He also established the first George R. Stewart Fan Club.

That lead Moitoret to a meeting with Humanities and English professor Bob Lyon. Lyon had founded a similar group, The Friends of George R. Stewart. His intention was to gather Stewart fans together at meetings of the Western Literature Association or similar events. Moitoret and Lyon joined with others a few times, which eventually led to a series of Stewart papers at one meeting of the WLA. They also played a key role in the visit of artist and Stewart scholar Steve Williams to Stewart Country.