1 thought on “BOOK PROGRESS

  1. I came across a clipping last night with a reference you may already know
    about but just in case,

    The article is “California’s regionalists: a lode of written unorthodoxy,”
    Los Angeles Times March 29, 1981, page three by Gerald Haslam.

    In the article Haslam writes, “Frederick Bracher’s 1953 study for American
    Quarterly, ‘California’s Literary Regionalism,’ treated the state as a
    single place. Much has happened since….Some of Bracher’s points remain
    valid, if necessarily limited. The state’s authors, he argued, are
    identified by ‘a view from the inside,’ and that ‘the unorthodoxy of
    California writers may in the long run prove to be their chief contribution
    to American culture.’ He finally identified as major California literary
    figures Walter Van Tilburg Clark, George R. Stewart, Hans Otto Storm,
    Steinbeck, Saroyan, West, Jeffers, Schulberg.”

    So there you have it, GRS as a major literary figure in the early 1950s,
    but we knew that!

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