Philip Aaberg, composer of “Earth Abides”

Grammy-nominated Philip Aaberg is one of the finest musicians of place. He’s composed many works about the places he knows, especially Deep Montana.  Inspired by Wallace Stegner and George R. Stewart, the very experienced film composer composed “Earth Abides.” It’s a beautiful piano composition, available from iTunes, or as part of his “Christmas” album. The album is available at Sweetgrass Music —

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Frank Brusca’s U.S. 40 book

Frank Brusca has been working on a book of current photographs of the places Stewart photographed n the early 1950’s for his book, US 40. Things look promising for Frank’s book, and we expect to be able to post big news about it soon.

New links

Dear Stewart fans,

I’ve just put two new links in the header menu: One will take you to the Stewart Collection at the University of Nevada, Reno. The other, to the finding aid for the extensive collection of manuscript material held by the Bancroft Library at the University of California, Berkeley. Hope you enjoy perusing those collections.

About the Steve Williams recordings

Steve’s recordings of various people involved with George R. Stewart’s work and life are available at the Bancroft.  Thanks to Steve’s generosity, they’re also available in the George R. Stewart Collection at the Special Collections Library of the University of Nevada, Reno.

UNR has the second largest public collection of Stewart’s work.  Click on the link in the header menu to see their collection.

About the Header Painting

The painting used as the header for the blog is the work of gifted artist Stephen Williams. Steve attended the Liverpool Institute of Art (with John Lennon and Paul McCartney), took a detour from his art so he could raise his family. Now retired, Steve has returned to his art with great success — he’s done work for Bletchley Park, won an award for his work, and is now the Regional Coordinator for the Society for All Artists.

Steve is also a Stewart scholar; we’ve worked together on Stewart projects for decades. He lives in England, with his wife and family.

Due to size limitations on the header it’s not possible to show Steve’s painting in its entirety. So as soon as I’ve got WordPress figured out I’ll display the entire painting.

Enjoy the pre-Christmas week, and the end of a special year — the Year of Palindromes.

Pre-publication announcement: THE LIFE AND TRUTH OF GEORGE R. STEWART

The Day after Beethoven’s Birthday and a week before Christmas Eve, a gift!

The George R. Stewart biography is now available for pre-order at McFarland or Amazon. It’s the first authorized biography, the work of years of research and writing.

Here’s the McFarland url:

On GeoS — George R. Stewart

If you’re interested in author/professor George R. Stewart, this is a good place to learn about his life, work, and ideas. There will be posts about his life, and the work of people  who study him.

This is also the place for information about the forthcoming Stewart biography, The Life and Truth of George R. Stewart